Startup Reviews And Sustainability Trends Will Become Global Challenges In The Future

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startup reviews and sustainability trends will become global challenges in the future afe6299

DIKSIA.COM - JAKARTA, , an investment and management advisory firm, is hosting a Global Corporate Advisory Summit in Jakarta as a member of Crowe Global.

Two things will be discussed in this discussion, namely valuation trends for start-up companies and ESG (environmental, social and governance) reporting practices, which are important issues of the global economy in the future.

, an expert at Crowe Global, said the topic of is becoming increasingly important, especially in the current tech winter era.

“This is marked by the end of the easy money phase and the phenomenon of a sharp market correction related to the value of startups,” Gary said on Thursday (07/13/2023).

According to him, this discussion provided participants with new innovative insights and an understanding of the importance of adopting the latest valuation methodologies given the challenges of global financial markets.

Luis Piacenza, an ESG expert at Crowe Global, said that the due diligence aspect of ESG and corporate sustainability is an integral part of business practices in a global context.

“ESG is being highlighted as a crucial issue for business growth and for maintaining harmony in society and ensuring environmental sustainability,” he said.

About 30 delegates from 15 countries attended the summit, including China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Nepal, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, India, Mauritius and Spain.

Wimboh Santoso, Chairman of the OJK Board of Commissioners 2017 – 2022 and Chairman & CEO of Global Risk Advisory and Consulting , emphasized Crowe Indonesia's commitment to always proactively respond to global challenges in the future by working with Crowe Global and Crowe Global Members around the world.

“Crowe Indonesia would like to continue contributing to finding solutions to global challenges in the future, such as business continuity, economic resilience and stability, and living harmoniously as part of the global community,” he said.