Right of Reply and Correction of News

This procedure is used as a reference and guide in dealing with Right of Reply, Corrections or Complaints from readers.

This Right of Reply, Correction or Complaint is a response regarding all content displayed on the Petik.net website

Handling for Right of Reply, Correction of News or Complaints is carried out as follows:

  1. Readers can submit via Email to: rediksia@gmail.com / halo@diksia.com with Subject: Right to Reply or Correct News
  2. Readers must include a clear identity in the form of a KTP or telephone/mobile phone number that can be contacted and provide valid facts regarding the Right to Reply, Correction of News or Complaints submitted.
  3. All Rights of Reply, Correction of News or Complaints must be completed within 2 X 24 hours from the time the report is received
  4. The timeframe in point 3 above does not apply to issues related to legal issues, such as subpoenas and others.
  5. Complaints and News Corrections that have been made will later be displayed on en.diksia.com with the title using News Corrections or Right to Reply.