Contact is a national-scale online media that presents the latest and most recent news from various trusted sources. has now become an information reference that is trusted by the wider community and is committed to highlighting the facts and events behind the uproar in social, political and governmental, criminal, regional, national and global dynamics. also provides smart, accurate and quality information on various selected topics such as: sports, technology, automotive, economy, the latest trends and many more. was established on April 29 2023 in Sukoharjo, Central Java, Indonesia and is part of the Addin Media affiliate.


  • To become a professional, smart and quality media company by presenting accurate and reliable news in providing information to the public and the public.
  • Making the media as educational information that educates without being misleading.
  • Making the media as communication and information for society and government.
  • Providing understanding to the public how important information is.
  • Providing information as knowledge for the wider community.