Argentina’s Pro-Bitcoin Presidential Candidate Wins First Round Election

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DIKSIA.COM - Javier Milei, a libertarian candidate who advocates abolishing central banks and supports (BTC), wins 's first presidential election.

With 90 percent of the votes counted, Milei from La Libertad Avanza party got 30.5 percent of the votes versus the candidates from Juntos por el Cambio and Unidos por la Patria, who got 28 percent and 27 percent, respectively.

Pre-election polls suggest Milei will not finish above third place in 's first round.

“Central banks are frauds, a mechanism politicians use to fool good people with inflation taxes,” Milei previously said in reference to the central bank, quoted from CoinDesk, Tuesday (08/15/2023).

Regarding , he said that it represents a return to money from its original creator, the private sector. While Milei has good stance on cryptocurrencies, he does not advocate using bitcoin as legal tender in Argentina, as is the case in . Instead, Milei called for the economy, which is currently struggling with triple-digit inflation, to be dollarized.

With no candidate likely to get more than 45 percent in the opinion polls today, October will see general elections between the winners of both parties. If nobody reaches 45 percent in this vote, the last round of voting will take place in November.

According to many media, the crypto millionaire Fernando Algaba had previously been killed, and a group of children found a suitcase by the river that contained various parts of the millionaire's body.

According to many Argentine media, Algaba received threatening messages a week before his body was found. Algaba receives a threatening voice message in which the caller says they are going to kill Algaba.

“I'm going to kill you, I'm going to do something worse to you. I will cut off your hands so you have no more money in your life,” read the message from Algaba, quoted from Coinmarketcap, Monday (07/31/2023).

While playing near the riverbank, a group of children discover a suitcase full of human hands and feet. Buenos Aires police identified the body parts found as belonging to Algaba, a 41-year-old cryptocurrency influencer and entrepreneur who went missing on July 18.

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