Dogecoin: The Meme Coin That’s Still Going Strong

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DIKSIA.COM - () is a that was created as a joke in 2013 by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. The name and logo of the coin are based on the popular internet meme “”, which features a Shiba Inu dog with comic sans captions. Despite its humorous origin, has gained a loyal fan base and a vibrant community that uses it for tipping, fundraising, and online transactions.

Dogecoin Details
Symbol DOGE
Sign Ð
Launch Date December 6, 2013
Forked From Litecoin
Consensus Mechanism Proof-of-Work (PoW)
Hashing Algorithm Scrypt
Block Time 1 minute
Block Reward 10,000 DOGE
Total Supply Unlimited

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is an open-source peer-to-peer that aims to be fun, friendly, and accessible for everyone. It is based on the Litecoin codebase, which means it uses the same proof-of-work mechanism to secure the network and validate transactions. However, Dogecoin has some notable differences from Litecoin, such as:

  • A faster block time of 1 minute, compared to Litecoin's 2.5 minutes.
  • A higher inflation rate, as there is no limit to the number of Dogecoins that can be created.
  • A lower transaction fee, as the average fee for sending Dogecoin is less than a cent.

Dogecoin also has a unique culture and community that sets it apart from other cryptocurrencies. Dogecoin users, or “shibes”, are known for their generosity, humor, and enthusiasm. They often use Dogecoin to tip content creators, support charitable causes, or simply have fun online. Some of the notable events and achievements of the Dogecoin community include:

  • Sponsoring the Jamaican bobsled team to compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics.
  • Funding a NASCAR driver named Josh Wise to race with a Dogecoin-themed car.
  • Sending a physical Dogecoin to the moon via a lunar rover mission.
  • Creating the Dogecoin Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes the use and development of Dogecoin.

Who Are the Founders of Dogecoin?

The founders of Dogecoin are Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, who met online through a Bitcoin forum. Markus, who worked as a software engineer at IBM in Portland, Oregon, wanted to create a that was fun and easy to use. He was inspired by the doge meme, which he thought was hilarious and cute. He contacted Palmer, who worked as a product manager at Adobe in Sydney, Australia, and asked him to help him create Dogecoin.

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