Indonesia’s NFT Marketplace Potential Is Still Promising, Ranked Eighth In The World Ranking

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DIKSIA.COM - JAKARTA, The non-fungible token () is still showing promise in Indonesia with 1.25 million users.

This relates to Statista Compass 2022 report data, which ranks Indonesia eighth in the world.

Network-based technology platform Web3, Nusa Finance took advantage of this opportunity by launching the marketplace feature – an open for NFT asset activities.

This feature allows users to create, store, and sell NFT assets.

Wildan Ramadhan, CEO of Nusa Finance, said that this service can be used by NFT creators who want to easily present their works on a platform with guaranteed security.

The NFT marketplace feature itself can be accessed directly from the Nusa Finance official website. 

“The development of blockchain technology has also spawned several innovations such as NFT assets. For creators, NFT can be used as an asset with clear and exclusive proof of ownership.

“We are trying to seize this opportunity through the NFT marketplace feature on the Nusa Finance platform,” Wildan said on Thursday (07/06/2023) in Sarinah Jakarta. As a asset, most of the NFT today focuses on collectibles such as artwork (illustrations, photos, music, videos), in-game items, sports cards, event tickets, domain names, and other rare items.

With blockchain technology, each digital work used as an NFT is assigned a unique identification code so it cannot be replicated or duplicated. Nusa Finance itself is a technology platform based on the Web3 network and was founded in October 2022.

The prominent features that have been introduced include blockchain-based financial services integrated decentralized finance (DeFi), NUSA governance token-based investment services, and an open market for transactions for irreplaceable token NFT marketplaces.

As a relatively new platform, Nusa Finance has achieved several achievements such as registering 20 tokens on the NUSA platform and being able to conduct almost IDR 600 million worth of crypto asset transactions in one day.

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