Thanks To The Election Of ADK OJK, The Door Is Poised To Increase The Competitiveness Of Crypto Asset Acceleration In Indonesia

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thanks to the election of adk ojk the door is poised to increase the competitiveness of crypto asset acceleration in indonesia 16648c9

DIKSIA.COM - JAKARTA, The XI DPR RI Commission on Finance and Banking has appointed two new members to the Board of Commissioners of the Financial Services Authority (ADK ) for the 2023-2028 period.

The two ADKs selected were Hasan Fawzi, who served as Chief Executive of Supervising Financial Sector Technology Innovation, Digital Financial Assets and Assets, and Agusman, who served as Chief Executive of Supervision of Financing Institutions, Venture Capital Companies, Microfinance Institutions and Financial Services Institutions Other was chosen.

Malikulkusno Utomo, General Counsel of , thanks all parties involved in organizing the election of the new OJK ADK.

“We stand ready to support the various announced programs as well as visions and missions, especially to promote the competitiveness of the industry in Indonesia while prioritizing the principle of consumer protection,” Malikulkusno told reporters on Tuesday (11/07). 2023).

The man, commonly known as Dimas, said that as a crypto industry player, the application fully implements the vision and mission conveyed by the Chief Executive of Supervision of Financial Sector Technology Innovation, Digital Financial Assets and Selected supports crypto assets.

“We are sure that with the choice of the two latest OJK ADKs, the OJK DK will continue to increase the acceleration and competitiveness in the financial sector, especially in crypto assets, which continue to grow,” said Dimas.

The Chief Executive of Supervisors of Technology Innovation in the Financial Sector, Digital Financial Assets and Crypto Assets was elected at the qualifying examination of ADK-OJK candidates held on Monday (07/10) at the DPR RI building, explained Hasan Fawzi Vision and mission titled “Indonesia Welcomes a New Era of Digital Finance”.

As for one of the discussion agendas on developments, challenges and prospects for technological innovations in the financial sector (ITSK), digital financial assets (AKD) and crypto assets (AK).

Hasan explained the seven pillars of his strategy, namely INNOVATION. The first pillar, investor and consumer protection; Investor protection program, ITSK consumers, AKD and AK.

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