UI Student, Culprit In Classmate’s Murder, Suffers $5,600 Crypto Investment Loss!

RediksiaWednesday, 23 August 2023 | 11:17 GMT+0000

Diksia.com - A shocking incident has rocked the halls of University of Indonesia (UI), involving a 23-year-old student, identified as AAB, who allegedly murdered a fellow junior student, MNZ, aged 19. This unsettling event takes a grim twist as it unravels a backdrop of significant financial losses incurred in the world of .

A staggering loss of approximately Rp 80 million (equivalent to around $5,600) serves as the crux of this tragic tale. Sources reveal that the perpetrator, AAB, had been engrossed in the realm of cryptocurrencies, dabbling here and there, and even resorting to online lending platforms – commonly known as ‘pinjol' – in an attempt to navigate the turbulence of his investments.

Offering insights into this perplexing case, Deputy Chief of Criminal Investigation Unit at Polres Depok, AKP Nirwan Pohan, stated, “The sum amounts to Rp 80 million. The perpetrator was entangled in the cryptocurrency trade, a venture that led him through various paths, eventually intertwining with online borrowing.”

Notably, the story also includes an unpaid debt owed by AAB to the victim, amounting to Rp 200,000, which he did manage to settle at a later juncture. The motive behind this heinous act, as unveiled by investigative authorities, was the compounding losses that AAB endured through his crypto investments.

“It's the losses he suffered in the cryptocurrency investments, coupled with his debt from online borrowing. Under mounting pressure, he hatched the sinister plan to assert control over the victim's possessions,” shared Nirwan Pohan, shedding light on the chilling motive.

The , as per the authorities, was conceived in AAB's mind as an answer to his financial woes, as he perceived his victim as an embodiment of success and perceived wealth. The culprit harbored notions that the victim's assets, including the contents of his ATM, could potentially salvage his spiraling financial situation. Sadly, this desperate move to attain solvency remained futile, culminating in a grisly outcome.

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