Cheaper by the Dozen 2: A Family Comedy with a Twist

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Cheaper by the Dozen: 2 A Family Comedy with a Twist
Cheaper by the Dozen: 2 A Family Comedy with a Twist - If you are looking for a fun and lighthearted movie to watch with your family, you might want to check out . This movie is a sequel to the 2003 film Cheaper by the Dozen, which was based on a 1948 novel of the same name. The movie follows the adventures of the Baker family, who have 12 children, and their rivalry with the Murtaugh family, who have eight children. The movie is full of hilarious moments, heartwarming scenes, and some surprising twists that will keep you entertained.

The Plot

The movie begins with the Baker family preparing for the graduation of their eldest daughter, Lorraine, who is also going to work as an intern for a fashion magazine in New York. The father, Tom, who is a former football coach, feels that his family is drifting apart as his children grow up and move away. He decides to take them on one last family vacation to Lake Winnetka, a place where they used to spend their summers when they were younger.

However, things do not go as planned when they arrive at the lake. They find out that their old cabin is now owned by a man named Mike Romanow, who is friends with Tom's old rival, Jimmy Murtaugh. Jimmy is a wealthy and successful businessman, who has a new wife, Sarina, and eight children of his own. Jimmy constantly brags about his achievements and his children's accomplishments, and tries to make Tom feel inferior and insecure. He also challenges Tom to a series of competitions, such as water skiing, canoeing, and a talent show, to prove who is the better father and who has the better family.

Tom accepts the challenge, hoping to bond with his family and to show Jimmy who is the boss. However, he soon realizes that his family is not as enthusiastic as he is, and that they have their own problems and interests. For example, his son Charlie has a crush on Jimmy's daughter Anne, his daughter Sarah has a rebellious streak and gets caught shoplifting, and his daughter Nora is pregnant and planning to move to Houston with her husband Bud. Tom also faces some difficulties with his wife Kate, who is a successful author and who feels that Tom is too competitive and controlling.

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