HSMTMTS Season 3: Everything You Need to Know About the Summer Camp Musical

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HSMTMTS Season 3
HSMTMTS Season 3

DIKSIA.COM - If you're a fan of : The Musical: The Series, you're probably excited for the third season of the Disney+ show, which premiered on July 27, 2022. The new season follows the Wildcats and their friends as they spend their summer break at Camp Shallow Lake, a family-owned sleepaway camp in California that is putting on a production of . Along the way, they face new challenges, romances, rivalries, and surprises, while also being filmed for a documentary series hosted by Corbin Bleu.

But what exactly can you expect from ? Who are the new characters? What songs will they sing? And what will happen to Nini, Ricky, and the rest of the gang? In this article, we'll give you all the details you need to know about the musical, based on the official information, trailers, and spoilers that have been released so far.

The Plot

According to the official synopsis, is all about summer fun and . Here's what it says:

In the new season, it's summer break! The Wildcats leave the hallways of East High for the ultimate summer at sleepaway camp, complete with campfires, summer romances and curfew-less nights. Camp Shallow Lake, a family-owned sleepaway camp in California. With a high-stakes production of Frozen and a behind-the-scenes “docuseries” of the production in the works, the Wildcats will attempt to show who is “best in snow” without leaving anyone out in the cold.

The season consists of eight episodes that release weekly until September 14, 2022. Each episode has a title inspired by a song from Frozen or Frozen 2, such as “Into the Unknown”, “Let It Go”, and “Show Yourself”. The episodes also feature original songs written by the cast members, as well as covers of other popular songs.

The season explores the dynamics and relationships of the characters as they deal with the pressures and opportunities of being at camp. Some of the main themes and conflicts include:

  • Gina and E.J. trying to balance their relationship and their roles in the musical, while also facing competition from new campers.
  • Ricky and Lily dealing with the consequences of their actions in the previous season, and Ricky's unexpected arrival at camp.
  • Nini pursuing her songwriting career and finding her place in the world, while also staying in touch with her friends and Ricky.
  • Kourtney, Ashlyn, and Carlos bonding over their love of fashion, music, and dance, while also navigating their own personal issues and interests.
  • The campers clashing with the camp director, Dewey Wood, who has his own agenda and secrets.
  • The campers being filmed by Corbin Bleu, who is making a documentary series about the musical and the camp life.

The Cast

HSMTMTS season 3 features most of the main cast from the previous seasons, as well as some new faces. Here's who you can expect to see on your screen:

  • Joshua Bassett as Ricky Bowen, a talented guitarist and singer who plays Kristoff in the musical.
  • Sofia Wylie as Gina Porter, a confident and ambitious dancer who plays Elsa in the musical.
  • Matt Cornett as E.J. Caswell, a charismatic and loyal leader who directs the musical and plays Hans.
  • Julia Lester as Ashlyn Caswell, a creative and kind songwriter who plays Anna in the musical.
  • Dara Reneé as Kourtney Greene, a fierce and fashionable stylist who plays Olaf in the musical.
  • Frankie A. Rodriguez as Carlos Rodriguez, a cheerful and enthusiastic choreographer who plays Sven in the musical.
  • Saylor Bell as Maddox, a charming and friendly counselor-in-training who plays Oaken in the musical and has a crush on Gina.
  • Adrian Lyles as Jet, a mysterious and rebellious newcomer who plays the Duke of Weselton in the musical and has a history with Ricky.

Some of the recurring and guest stars include:

  • Olivia Rodrigo as Nini Salazar-Roberts, a sweet and talented singer who is Ricky's girlfriend and attends the Youth Actors Conservatory in Los Angeles.
  • Kate Reinders as Miss Jenn, the drama teacher at East High who visits the camp and helps Nini with her songwriting.
  • Corbin Bleu as himself, a former star who hosts the documentary series about the camp and the musical.
  • Meg Donnelly as Val, a popular and competitive camper who plays Elsa's understudy and rivals Gina.
  • Jason Earles as Dewey Wood, the camp director who has a secret connection to Miss Jenn and the musical.
  • Ben Stillwell as Channing, a goofy and friendly camper who plays Kristoff's understudy and befriends Ricky.
  • Aria Brooks as Alex, a smart and sarcastic camper who plays Anna's understudy and bonds with Ashlyn.
  • Liamani Segura as Emmy, a bubbly and energetic camper who plays Olaf's understudy and admires Kourtney.
  • Olivia Rose Keegan as Lily, a manipulative and talented singer who is Ricky's ex-girlfriend and attends the rival school North High.
  • Larry Saperstein as Big Red, a loyal and funny friend who is Ashlyn's boyfriend and stays in touch with Ricky.
  • Joe Serafini as Seb Matthew-Smith, a sweet and quirky farmer who is Carlos' boyfriend and visits the camp.
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Marvin, a famous Broadway producer who mentors Nini and offers her a career opportunity.
  • JoJo Siwa as Madison, a cheerful and confident camper who plays one of the trolls in the musical and helps Carlos with his self-esteem.
  • Kimberly Brooks as Michelle Greene, Kourtney's supportive and stylish mother who works as a fashion designer.
  • Michelle Noh as Dana Salazar-Roberts, Nini's caring and understanding mother who supports her daughter's dreams.
  • Nicole Sullivan as Carol Salazar-Roberts, Nini's fun-loving and adventurous stepmother who takes her on a road trip.

The Songs

HSMTMTS season 3 features a mix of original songs and covers that showcase the talents and personalities of the characters. Some of the original songs include:

  • “Something Big”, a pop song written and performed by Olivia Rodrigo as Nini, expressing her excitement and nervousness about her future.
  • “Best in Snow”, a rock song written and performed by Joshua Bassett as Ricky, challenging the other campers to a snowball fight.
  • “Let It Go”, a ballad written and performed by Sofia Wylie as Gina, revealing her fears and hopes as she prepares for her role as Elsa.
  • “Campfire”, a folk song written and performed by Matt Cornett as E.J., inviting the campers to join him for a night of stories and songs.
  • “Summer Nights”, a disco song written and performed by Dara Reneé as Kourtney, celebrating the fun and freedom of summer with her friends.
  • “Show Yourself”, a duet written and performed by Julia Lester as Ashlyn and Saylor Bell as Maddox, exploring their feelings for each other and their identities.
  • “No Drama”, a rap song written and performed by Frankie A. Rodriguez as Carlos, declaring his independence and confidence in himself and his relationship.
  • “The Woman in the Woods”, a country song written and performed by Adrian Lyles as Jet, telling a spooky tale about a mysterious woman who haunts the camp.

Some of the covers include:

  • “Into the Unknown”, from Frozen 2, sung by Sofia Wylie as Gina and Meg Donnelly as Val, competing for the role of Elsa.
  • “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”, from Frozen, sung by Julia Lester as Ashlyn and Aria Brooks as Alex, becoming friends and sharing their stories.
  • “For the First Time in Forever”, from Frozen, sung by Julia Lester as Ashlyn and Matt Cornett as E.J., rehearsing their scene as Anna and Hans.
  • “Love Is an Open Door”, from Frozen, sung by Matt Cornett as E.J. and Saylor Bell as Maddox, having fun and bonding over their love of musicals.
  • “In Summer”, from Frozen, sung by Dara Reneé as Kourtney and the ensemble, performing a hilarious and upbeat number as Olaf and the snowmen.
  • “Fixer Upper”, from Frozen, sung by JoJo Siwa as Madison and the ensemble, playing the trolls and giving advice to Ricky and Gina.
  • “Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People”, from Frozen, sung by Joshua Bassett as Ricky and Frankie A. Rodriguez as Carlos, goofing around and playing Kristoff and Sven.
  • “Some Things Never Change”, from Frozen 2, sung by the entire cast, celebrating their friendship and their love of musicals.

The Conclusion

HSMTMTS season 3 is a must-watch for fans of High School Musical, Frozen, and musicals in general. The season offers a lot of entertainment, emotion, and excitement, as well as some twists and surprises. Whether you're rooting for Rini, Gini, or any other ship, you'll find something to enjoy in the musical. So don't miss out on the latest episodes of HSMTMT.