Lo Imperdonable Novela: A Tale of Love and Revenge

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Lo Imperdonable Novela: A Tale of Love and Revenge
Lo Imperdonable Novela: A Tale of Love and Revenge

DIKSIA.COM - is a Mexican telenovela that aired on in 2015. It is based on the 1998 telenovela La mentira, which was itself a remake of a 1965 telenovela of the same name.

The story revolves around Martín San Telmo, a man who seeks revenge on the woman who caused his half-brother's suicide, and Verónica Prado Castelo, the woman he mistakenly believes to be guilty.

The plot of Lo imperdonable novela

Martín San Telmo arrives in a remote town called Mina Escondida, where his half-brother Demetrio lived and worked in a gold mine.

He discovers that Demetrio killed himself after being betrayed by a heartless and ambitious woman who played with his emotions. The only clue he has is a necklace with the initial V and the Prado Castelo surname engraved on it.

Martín's investigation leads him to Mexico City, where he meets two young women who are nieces of the Prado Castelo family, owners of one of the most important jewelry companies in the country.

They are Verónica and Virginia, who have very different personalities. Verónica is strong and courageous, while Virginia is innocent and fragile.

Martín assumes that Verónica is the woman who drove his brother to death, and decides to seduce her, marry her, and take her to Mina Escondida to make her life miserable.

However, he does not know that the real culprit is Virginia, who had an affair with Demetrio and lied to him about being pregnant.

Verónica, who is unaware of Martín's true intentions, falls in love with him and hopes to find happiness in their marriage.

But she soon realizes that he hates her and treats her cruelly. She tries to prove her innocence and win his heart, but faces many obstacles along the way.

The cast of Lo imperdonable novela

The main protagonists of are as Verónica Prado Castelo and as Martín San Telmo. They are joined by a stellar cast of co-protagonists and antagonists, such as:

  • Sergio Sendel as Emiliano Prado Castelo, Verónica's cousin and Virginia's husband, who is unfaithful and abusive.
  • Grettell Valdéz as Virginia Prado Castelo, Verónica's cousin and Emiliano's wife, who is manipulative and selfish.
  • Juan Ferrara as Jorge Prado Castelo, Verónica's uncle and Emiliano's father, who is kind and supportive.
    – Claudia Ramírez as Salma Prado Castelo de Botel, Verónica's aunt and Emiliano's mother, who is greedy and arrogant.
  • Guillermo Capetillo as Alfredo Botel, Salma's husband and Emiliano's stepfather, who is corrupt and dishonest.
  • Alicia Machado as Claudia Ordaz de Ruiz y de Teresa / Magdalena Ordaz de Sandoval / Mariana Ordaz de Sandoval / Lucía Ordaz de Sandoval / Laura Ordaz de Sandoval / Ana Luisa Ordaz de Sandoval / Sofía Ordaz de Sandoval / Daniela Ordaz de Sandoval / Fernanda Ordaz de Sandoval / Gabriela Ordaz de Sandoval / Patricia Ordaz de Sandoval / Lorena Ordaz de Sandoval / Elena Ordaz de Sandoval / Isabel Ordaz de Sandoval / Natalia Ordaz de Sandoval / Valeria Ordaz de Sandoval / Carolina Ordaz de Sandoval / Susana Ordaz de Sandoval / Marisol Ordaz de Sandoval / Rosario Ordaz de Sandoval / Leticia Ordaz de Sandoval / Mónica Ordaz de Sandoval / Raquel Ordaz de Sandoval / Silvia Ordaz de Sandoval / Regina Ordaz de Sandoval / Cecilia Ordaz de Sandoval / Beatriz Ordaz de Sandoval / Sandra Ordaz de Sandoval / Teresa Ruiz y de Teresa (multiple roles), a woman with multiple identities who is involved in various crimes and schemes.
  • Gaby Mellado as Ana Perla San Telmo Bravo, Martín's niece and Demetrio's daughter, who is sweet and naive.
  • Sebastián Zurita as Pablo Hidalgo Almada, Ana Perla's love interest, who is noble and brave.

The production of Lo imperdonable novela

Lo imperdonable novela was produced by , who had previously produced successful telenovelas such as La usurpadora, Abrázame muy fuerte, and Qué bonito amor.