Reacher Series: A Thrilling Journey of a Lone Wolf

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Reacher Series: A Thrilling Journey of a Lone Wolf
Reacher Series: A Thrilling Journey of a Lone Wolf

DIKSIA.COM - If you are a fan of stories, you might have heard of the . This is a franchise that includes 26 novels, a short story collection, and a , all based on the character of , created by British author .

is a former U.S. Army Military Police Major who now lives as a drifter, traveling from town to town across the United States. He has no permanent home, no family, no possessions, and no ties. He only carries a toothbrush, a passport, an ATM card, and a folding toothpick. He wears cheap clothes that he discards after a few days and buys new ones. He travels by bus, hitchhiking, or walking. He avoids using phones, computers, or credit cards. He is a self-proclaimed hobo, but also a highly skilled investigator and fighter.

Reacher always crosses paths with dangerous criminals and is forced to do battle throughout his travels. He has a strong sense of justice and a knack for finding trouble. He is fearless, smart, resourceful, and relentless. He never backs down from a challenge and never gives up until he wins. He is a hero, but also a loner. He has no friends, no lovers, no allies. He is Reacher.

The Books

The began in 1997 with the publication of Killing Floor, the first novel by . The book introduces Reacher as he arrives in the fictional town of Margrave, Georgia, and is arrested for a murder he did not commit. He teams up with two honest police officers to uncover a local conspiracy involving counterfeit money and a violent family.

Since then, Child has written 25 more novels and a short story collection, featuring Reacher in different settings and scenarios. Some of the are set in the past, when Reacher was still in the military, while others are set in the present, when he is roaming the country. Some of the are standalone stories, while others are connected by recurring characters or themes. Some of the books are based on real events or historical figures, while others are purely fictional.