When Consumers Become Customers Of This Application, They Get Low Prices But Even Lose Millions

RediksiaFriday, 7 July 2023 | 13:30 GMT+0000
when consumers become customers of this application they get low prices but even lose millions 681317d

DIKSIA.COM - JAKARTA, Netizens recently reported that there is an application that is harmful to society.

The application is , an application that calls to conduct business in the field of .

This allegedly state-sponsored application offers great advantages.

In reality, however, there are people who feel disadvantaged by .

A fell victim to the Jombingo scam. Quoted by Kompas.com, Satyasalsabila (Bila) admitted that she joined as a Jombingo member because it offers high rewards.

Information about Jombingo offers a great benefit when obtained from one's own close friends who are also members of Jombingo and are currently victims as well.

In short, at the end of May 2023, Bila decided to join Jombingo member.

“It's a high return so I'm interested and it's also directly under the government and supported by the government, registered with OSS, there's even a PSE with Kominfo. Well I think the application is really safe, I trust the government that way,” Kompas.com said on Wednesday (6/28/2023) when asked.

After gradually becoming a member of Jombingo for over a month, Bila admits that he is not at all suspicious of all the transactions included in the application. This is because all transactions and transaction balance replenishment are returned by Jombingo management.

Consignment Transaction Model If you tell me, in Jombingo itself the transaction model is consignment. It should be noted that consignment is the transfer of an item to another party in order to sell it to a buyer whose existence has not been confirmed.

Sales to foreign locations are carried out according to the sale method in the form of auctions via free markets or trading exchanges.

The process to get benefits from Jombingo itself is that members who have registered as account members are contacted by the admin of Jombingo management.

Later, the admin will add registered members to a group whose contents are other members. These members receive training on how to sell the products marketed by Jombingo.