Midnight Sun: A New Perspective on the Twilight Saga

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Midnight Sun: A New Perspective on the Twilight Saga
Midnight Sun: A New Perspective on the Twilight Saga

DIKSIA.COM - is one of the most popular and influential novels of the 21st century. It tells the story of , a human girl who falls in love with , a . The book spawned a series of four novels, a movie franchise, and a huge fan base. But what if we could see the story from Edward's perspective? How does he feel about Bella, his family, and his existence as a ?

That is the premise of , a companion novel to by . retells the events of Twilight from Edward's point of view, revealing his inner thoughts, emotions, and struggles. It also explores his past, his relationship with his family, and his decision to follow his heart at any cost.

The History of Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun was not originally intended to be a published novel. Meyer started writing it as a side project to explore Edward's character more deeply. She shared some of the chapters with the director and the actor of the Twilight movie, to help them understand Edward better.

However, in 2008, twelve chapters of the unfinished manuscript were leaked online, without Meyer's permission. She was devastated by this breach of trust, and decided to put the project on hold indefinitely. She also made the leaked chapters available on her website, for her fans to read.

For years, fans hoped that Meyer would resume writing Midnight Sun, and complete the novel. In 2015, she announced that she had started working on it again, but then stopped when another book with a similar concept was released.

That book was Grey, a retelling of Fifty Shades of Grey from the male protagonist's perspective. Meyer felt that it was too similar to her idea, and that it would overshadow her work. She said that it was a “literal flip the table moment” for her.

However, in 2020, Meyer surprised her fans by announcing that Midnight Sun was finally finished, and that it would be released on August 4, 2020. The book was eagerly awaited by millions of readers, who wanted to revisit the world of Twilight and experience Edward's version of the story.

The Content of Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun covers the same time span as Twilight, from the first day of school in Forks, Washington, to the prom night. However, it is much longer than Twilight, with 658 pages compared to 498.