Novel One of Us Is Lying: A Gripping Mystery That Will Keep You Guessing

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One of Us Is Lying: A Gripping Mystery That Will Keep You Guessing
One of Us Is Lying: A Gripping Mystery That Will Keep You Guessing

DIKSIA.COM - If you are looking for a that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then you might want to check out by Karen M. McManus. This is a best-selling that has been adapted into a TV series on Peacock and Netflix. In this article, we will give you a brief overview of the novel, its plot, characters, and themes, as well as some tips on where to read it online.


is a novel that follows the lives of five high school students who become suspects in a murder case. The novel is told from the alternating perspectives of the four main characters: Bronwyn, the brainy one; Addy, the beauty queen; Nate, the bad boy; and Cooper, the jock. The fifth student, Simon, is the victim, who dies during detention after drinking a poisoned glass of water.

Simon was the creator of a gossip app that exposed the secrets of his classmates, and he had planned to reveal something scandalous about each of the four suspects on the day of his death. As the investigation unfolds, the four students have to deal with the media, the police, and their own secrets, while trying to figure out who killed Simon and why.

Novel Details


The novel begins with the five students arriving at detention for having cell phones in class, which they claim were planted by someone else. They are supervised by Mr. Avery, a strict teacher who dislikes Simon for his gossip app. Simon goes to get a glass of water from the science lab, and soon after, he starts having an allergic reaction. He collapses and dies before the paramedics arrive. The police find traces of peanut oil in his water, which he was severely allergic to, and conclude that his death was a homicide.

They also discover that Simon had updated his app with a post titled “About That”, which was set to go live the next day. The post contained juicy revelations about Bronwyn, Addy, Nate, and Cooper, such as cheating, abuse, drug dealing, and closeted homosexuality. The four students become the prime suspects, as they all had motives to silence Simon.