Read Novel Carefree God of War Full Chapter

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Read Novel Carefree God of War Full Chapter
Read Novel Carefree God of War Full Chapter

DIKSIA.COM - Are you looking for a thrilling and captivating novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Do you want to immerse yourself in a world where gods, demons, and humans clash in epic battles? If you answered yes, then you should read the novel by .


is a novel that tells the story of Thomas Mayo, a young man who returns to his homeland after a decade of absence. He is the son of the legendary God of War, who disappeared mysteriously and left behind a powerful legacy. Thomas inherits his father's title and abilities, but also his enemies and secrets.

He vows to avenge his father and his brother, who committed suicide under mysterious circumstances. Along the way, he meets allies and foes, friends and lovers, and discovers the truth behind his family's fate.

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Thomas Mayo was a carefree and happy child, until his father, the God of War, vanished without a trace. His mother died of grief, and his brother became depressed and suicidal. Thomas was sent away to a foreign land, where he lived a lonely and miserable life. He never gave up hope of finding his father, and trained hard to become a powerful warrior.

One day, he received a letter from his brother, who claimed to have found a clue about their father's whereabouts. Thomas rushed back to his homeland, only to find his brother dead and his father's enemies waiting for him. He learned that his father was not only a hero, but also a traitor, who had betrayed the human race and joined forces with the demons. He also discovered that he had inherited his father's title and abilities, which made him a target for both humans and demons.

Thomas decided to take up his father's mantle and seek revenge on those who wronged his family. He also wanted to clear his father's name and find out the truth behind his disappearance. He embarked on a perilous journey, where he faced countless dangers and challenges. He also encountered many interesting and colorful characters, some of whom became his friends, some of whom became his enemies, and some of whom became his lovers.