[Review] Midnight Sun Book: A Love Story From The Vampire’s Point Of View

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[Review] Midnight Sun Book: A Love Story From The Vampire’s Point Of View
[Review] Midnight Sun Book: A Love Story From The Vampire’s Point Of View

DIKSIA.COM - Are you a fan of ? If you are, you might have heard of , the long-awaited companion novel that retells the story of Twilight from Edward Cullen's point of view. But is it worth reading? How does it compare to the original novel? And what new insights can we gain from Edward's perspective? In this article, we will review and give you our honest opinion.


Midnight Sun was published in 2020, 15 years after Twilight, the first novel in the four-part series that follows the between a human girl, Bella Swan, and a vampire, Edward Cullen. The series became a global phenomenon, selling over 100 million copies and spawning a blockbuster film franchise.

However, Midnight Sun was not a new idea. , the author of the series, had planned to write it since the beginning, and even shared some chapters with the film director and the actor who played Edward.

But in 2008, the manuscript was leaked online, and Meyer decided to put the project on hold indefinitely. She resumed writing in 2015, and finally announced the release date in 2020. Midnight Sun sold one million copies in its first week, and was translated into many languages, including Indonesian.

Novel Details


Midnight Sun is a retelling of Twilight from Edward's point of view. It covers the same events as the original novel, but with more details and insights into Edward's thoughts, feelings, and motivations. The novel begins with Edward's first encounter with Bella at Forks High School, where he is instantly drawn to her by her scent and her mind, which he cannot read.

He struggles to resist his bloodlust and stay away from her, but soon finds himself fascinated by her personality and courage. He decides to befriend her, and eventually reveals his true nature to her. He also introduces her to his family, a coven of vegetarian vampires who have adopted him.