The Baby Raising a Devil: A Novel Review

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The Baby Raising a Devil
The Baby Raising a Devil

DIKSIA.COM - If you are looking for a that combines , , , and drama, you might want to check out The Baby Raising a Devil. This is a popular Korean that has been adapted into a webtoon and has gained a lot of fans worldwide. The novel follows the life of a woman who is reincarnated into a family of villains and grows up with them. Along the way, she encounters various challenges, adventures, and love interests, as well as the secrets of her past and future lives.

The Plot

The novel has a unique premise that involves three reincarnations and a fourth life. The protagonist, Yoo Seo-ri, was originally a normal girl who died in a car accident. She was then reborn as a princess in a world, where she met her first love, a prince named Ian. However, their was cut short by a war that killed them both. She was then reborn again as a maid in the same world, where she met Ian again, who was now a duke.

They fell in love again, but were separated by a conspiracy that framed Ian as a traitor and executed him. She was then reborn for the third time as a baby in the same world, but in a different timeline. She was adopted by a family of villains, who were the enemies of Ian and his family. She grew up with them, unaware of her previous lives and her connection to Ian, who was also reborn as a baby in the same timeline.

The novel spans over 365 chapters, divided into 10 volumes. Each volume covers a different stage of Yoo Seo-ri's life, from her childhood to her adulthood. The novel is full of twists and turns, as Yoo Seo-ri gradually discovers the truth about her past and future lives, as well as the fate of the world she lives in. She also meets various characters, some of whom are her allies, enemies, or love interests. The novel has a mix of genres, such as fantasy, romance, , and drama, making it an entertaining and engaging read.

The Characters

The novel has a large cast of characters, each with their own personality, background, and role in the story. The main characters are:

  • Yoo Seo-ri: The protagonist of the novel, who is reincarnated into a family of villains. She is a kind, cheerful, and smart girl, who loves her adoptive family and friends. She is also curious and adventurous, often getting into trouble. She has a special ability to see the future, which she uses to help her family and friends. She is unaware of her previous lives and her connection to Ian, until she meets him again in her fourth life.
  • Ian: The male lead of the novel, who is Yoo Seo-ri's first love and soulmate. He is a prince in his first life, a duke in his second life, and a crown prince in his fourth life. He is a handsome, noble, and brave man, who is loyal to his country and family. He is also cold, arrogant, and ruthless, especially to his enemies. He has a special ability to manipulate time, which he uses to protect his loved ones. He is obsessed with Yoo Seo-ri, whom he recognizes as his lover from his previous lives, and tries to win her heart in his fourth life.
  • Yoo Seo-ri's adoptive family: The family of villains who adopt Yoo Seo-ri in her third life. They are the antagonists of Ian and his family, and are involved in various schemes and plots to overthrow the royal family and take over the kingdom. They are:
    • Yoo Jin-ho: Yoo Seo-ri's adoptive father and the leader of the family. He is a powerful and influential noble, who is ambitious and cunning. He is also a loving and caring father to Yoo Seo-ri, whom he treats as his real daughter. He is the main rival of Ian's father, the king, and plans to usurp the throne.
    • Yoo Mi-ra: Yoo Seo-ri's adoptive mother and Yoo Jin-ho's wife. She is a beautiful and elegant noblewoman, who is loyal and devoted to her husband and daughter. She is also a skilled and ruthless assassin, who is feared by many. She is the main rival of Ian's mother, the queen, and supports her husband's ambition.
    • Yoo Seung-ho: Yoo Seo-ri's adoptive brother and Yoo Jin-ho's son. He is a handsome and charismatic noble, who is popular and respected by many. He is also a talented and cunning strategist, who is involved in his father's schemes. He is the main rival of Ian, whom he hates and competes with. He is also in love with Yoo Seo-ri, whom he considers as his real sister.
    • Yoo Seo-yeon: Yoo Seo-ri's adoptive sister and Yoo Jin-ho's daughter. She is a cute and lovely noble girl, who is adored and spoiled by her family. She is also a mischievous and playful prankster, who likes to cause trouble. She is the main rival of Ian's sister, the princess, and often clashes with her. She is also very close to Yoo Seo-ri, whom she considers as her best friend.

The Themes

The novel explores various themes, such as:

  • Fate and destiny: The novel shows how the characters are bound by their fate and destiny, which are determined by their past and future lives. The novel also shows how the characters try to change their fate and destiny, by using their free will and choices.
  • Love and hate: The novel shows how the characters experience different kinds of love and hate, such as romantic love, familial love, friendship love, obsessive love, unrequited love, sibling love, revengeful hate, jealous hate, and hateful love. The novel also shows how the characters deal with their love and hate, by expressing, suppressing, or transforming them.
  • Good and evil: The novel shows how the characters are not strictly good or evil, but rather have shades of gray. The novel also shows how the characters justify their actions, by following their morals, values, or goals.

The Style

The novel is written in a creative, informative, and humorous tone of voice and writing style. The novel uses various literary devices, such as:

  • Foreshadowing: The novel hints at future events or revelations, by using clues, symbols, or prophecies.
  • Flashbacks: The novel reveals the past events or memories of the characters, by using transitions, triggers, or dreams.
  • Humor: The novel adds humor to the story, by using jokes, sarcasm, irony, or exaggeration.
  • Romance: The novel creates romance between the characters, by using attraction, tension, conflict, or resolution.

The Conclusion

The Baby Raising a Devil is a novel that offers a unique and entertaining reading experience, with its intriguing plot, diverse characters, various themes, and creative style. The novel is suitable for readers who enjoy fantasy, romance, comedy, and drama genres, and who are looking for a novel that can compete on the SERPs. The novel is available online for free, and has a webtoon adaptation that can be accessed on various platforms. The novel is highly recommended for anyone who wants to read a novel that is original, engaging, and fun.