Under the Oak Tree: A Historical Romance Novel with a Twist

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Under the Oak Tree: A Historical Romance Novel with a Twist
Under the Oak Tree: A Historical Romance Novel with a Twist

DIKSIA.COM - Under the Oak Tree is a novel written by Suji Kim, a Korean author who specializes in fantasy and romance genres. The novel was first published online in 2017 and has since been adapted into a and a . The novel is set in ancient Korea during the Goryeo Dynasty and follows the story of Seohui, the daughter of a duke who has a stuttering problem. She is forced to marry Riftan, a lowly knight who leaves for an expedition right after their wedding night.

Three years later, he returns as a famous and powerful knight who is involved in a political conflict with his older brother, the crown prince. How will Seohui face her husband who has changed so much? And what will happen to their complicated relationship?

Plot Summary

The novel begins with Seohui's wedding to Riftan, a knight who is loyal to the crown prince. Seohui is unhappy with the marriage, as she has always been neglected and abused by her father and her stepmother. She also suffers from a stuttering problem that makes her feel insecure and inferior. Riftan, on the other hand, is indifferent to Seohui, as he only agreed to marry her to gain the support of her father for the crown prince. He treats her coldly and roughly on their wedding night, and then leaves for an expedition the next day without saying goodbye.

Three years later, Riftan returns to the capital as a hero who has conquered many lands and defeated many enemies. He is now a powerful and respected knight who commands a large army and has the trust of the crown prince. He also has a secret mission to protect the crown prince from his younger brother, the second prince, who is plotting to overthrow him. Riftan is surprised to see Seohui again, who has grown into a beautiful and graceful lady. He realizes that he has feelings for her, and decides to make her his wife in the true sense.

Seohui, however, is confused and scared by Riftan's sudden change of attitude. She does not know how to deal with his affection and his possessiveness. She also does not know how to cope with the dangers and intrigues that surround him. She is torn between her loyalty to her husband and her sympathy for the second prince, who is kind and gentle to her. She also has to face the hostility and jealousy of the other nobles and ladies who covet Riftan's status and wealth. Will Seohui be able to overcome her fears and insecurities and accept Riftan's love? And will Riftan be able to protect his wife and his prince from the enemies that threaten them?


The main characters of the novel are Seohui and Riftan, who have a complex and dynamic relationship. Seohui is a timid and innocent lady who has a stuttering problem that makes her feel unworthy and ashamed. She has been mistreated and neglected by her family, and has no friends or allies. She is also ignorant of the world and the politics that govern it. She only wants to live a peaceful and simple life, but her fate changes when she marries Riftan. She gradually falls in love with him, but she also struggles with his intensity and his secrets. She tries to be a good wife to him, but she also wants to be independent and assertive. She learns to overcome her stuttering and to stand up for herself and her husband.