Word of Honor by Nelson DeMille [Novel Review]

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Word of Honor Novel: A Tale of Love, Betrayal and Redemption
Word of Honor Novel: A Tale of Love, Betrayal and Redemption

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This is a gripping story of war, crime, honor, and redemption that explores the complex moral issues of the .

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  • Genres: Thriller, Historical Fiction, War
  • Chapters: 36
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
  • Rating: 4.5/5 stars


Word of Honor follows the life of Benjamin Tyson, a successful executive who served as an infantry platoon leader in Vietnam. One day, he is shocked to discover that a book has been published that accuses him and his men of committing a horrific massacre in a hospital in Hue during the Tet Offensive in 1968. The book, written by a former Marine who was also in Hue, claims to have eyewitness accounts and evidence of the atrocity.

Word of Honor Novel: A Tale of Love, Betrayal and Redemption

Tyson is recalled to active duty and faces a court-martial for murder. He denies any involvement in the massacre, but he also has no clear memory of what happened that day. He hires a lawyer and tries to find his former platoon members to help him clear his name. Along the way, he meets Karen Harper, an Army officer who is assigned to investigate his case. She becomes sympathetic to his plight and helps him uncover the truth.

As Tyson relives his past in Vietnam through flashbacks, he realizes that he has been living with guilt and trauma for years. He also discovers that there is more to the story than he thought, and that there are powerful forces that want to bury the truth and make him a scapegoat. He must face his own conscience and decide what honor means to him.

The Adaptations

Word of Honor has undergone transformation into two distinct mediums: a television miniseries and a Chinese web series.

The Television Miniseries

In 2003, TNT took on the task of adapting Word of Honor into a gripping two-part television miniseries. The miniseries featured an esteemed cast, with Don Johnson assuming the role of Benjamin Tyson, Jeanne Tripplehorn portraying Marcy Tyson, Sharon Lawrence embodying Karen Harper, John Heard as Vincent Corva, and Arliss Howard playing Steven Brandt. Robert Markowitz directed the miniseries, while the talented duo of Leslie Greif and Cynthia Whitcomb penned the script.