Starbucks, The Coffee Shop Name Inspired by a Novel Moby-Dick

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Starbucks, The Coffee Shop Name Inspired by a Novel Moby-Dick
Starbucks, The Coffee Shop Name Inspired by a Novel Moby-Dick - , who doesn't know the name of this shop? Starbucks is one of the largest and most popular coffee brands in the world, with more than 32,000 outlets in 80 countries. Starbucks offers a variety of coffee, tea, and other drinks, with high taste and quality. But, do you know that the name Starbucks actually comes from a famous classic ?

Yes, the name Starbucks is a tribute to the novel by , which was published in 1851. The novel tells the story of Captain Ahab, who is obsessed with chasing and killing a giant whale named Moby-Dick, who has torn his leg. The novel is considered one of the best literary works of all time, with themes such as ambition, revenge, and man versus nature.

In the novel Moby-Dick, there is a character named Starbuck, who is the first officer of the Pequod ship led by Captain Ahab. Starbuck is a religious, rational, and cautious man, who often clashes with Captain Ahab who is fanatic and crazy. Starbuck is also one of the most sympathetic and important characters in the story.

The name Starbucks was chosen by one of the founders of the company, Gordon Bowker, who was a fan of the novel Moby-Dick. Bowker wanted to find a name that started with the letter S, because according to research, names that start with the letter S are easier to remember by consumers. Bowker also wanted a name that was related to maritime and coffee.

Initially, he considered the name Pequod, but he felt that name was too weird. Then, he remembered the name Starbuck, which he thought was suitable for a coffee brand. Bowker also liked the Starbucks logo, which features a picture of a mermaid with a double fish tail, which is also a maritime symbol.

The name Starbucks turned out to be successful in attracting attention and becoming a favorite coffee brand for many people. Starbucks also continues to grow and evolve, by adding various products, services, and innovations, such as mobile applications, loyalty programs, and social responsibility. Starbucks also does not forget its roots, which is the novel Moby-Dick, which remains an and reference for the company.

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