July 4th Is The Hottest Day On Earth. Scientists Say Temperatures Are At Their Highest Since 1979

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july 4th is the hottest day on earth scientists say temperatures are at their highest since 1979 a5444f8

DIKSIA.COM - Yesterday (7/4/2023) it was declared the .

The experienced the highest rise in temperature since 1979 yesterday, July 4th.

found that the global average temperature rose by 17.18 degrees Celsius on July 4th.

Therefore, some believe that July 4th could be one of the hottest days on in about 125,000 years.

According to the Washington Post, this is due to a dangerous combination of sending global temperatures soaring, the return of the El Niño pattern, and the onset of summer in the northern hemisphere.

Therefore, scientists assume that there will be record heat this summer.

The Washington Post reports that 57 million people in the United States are exposed to dangerous heat.

At the same time, China was hit by a heat wave, in Antarctica it was hotter than usual in winter and in North Africa temperatures reached 50 degrees Celsius.

Tuesday's global average temperature was calculated by a model using data from weather stations, ships, sea buoys and satellites.

This modeling system has been used to estimate daily average temperatures since 1979.

“This is our ‘best estimate' of the surface temperature anywhere on Earth yesterday,” said Paulo Ceppi, a scientist at London's Grantham Institute.

“This data tells us that it hasn't been this warm in at least 125,000 years, the previous interglacial,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Berkeley Earth scientist Robert Hode said the daily heat record could be broken again.

“We're likely to see some warmer days over the next six weeks,” Rohde said, quoted by USA Today.

Global records are not the type typically used by gold-standard climate measurement organizations such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.

However, it is an indication that is breaking new ground.

Stefan Rahmstorf, a scientist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Research in Germany, said the main factor behind global warming remains climate change.

“The increasing warming of our planet from the use of fossil fuels is not unexpected, having been predicted as early as the 19th century,” he said.