Aviation Observer ALvin Lie Shares New Breed Of Invitation Scam

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DIKSIA.COM - JAKARTA, Aviation observer has uncovered a new type of View invite . He shared the findings of this new type of digital fraud via his Twitter account.

Alvin said that a well-known bank in Indonesia was involved in this new type of . The contents of the message sent by the unknown number are just invitations with a view button.

“Phishing criminals are increasingly turning to alternate modes. Previously they used APKs, now they use the View action button,” Alvin wrote on Thursday (7/20/2023).

Alvin said that the message sent by the unknown number should not be suppressed in order not to fall into this mode.

In fact, he also called for an immediate lockdown should it happen to the public.

“Don't click. Block immediately,” he wrote.

“We just slack off a little and immediately become victims. Credit balances at banks/marketplaces etc. will be used up. Our mobile numbers are used for fraud here and there,” he added.

Netizens were also busy responding to 's upload. The @AbyAlthaf account owner stated that another mode used by the scammers even used digital invites.

“That's right, brother… There are more and more of them. This is an example. It is also available in the form of an invitation. Thank you,” wrote @AbyAlthaf.

The account holder @sangbima, on the other hand, feels the same way. He stated that he received the same message even though he is not a customer of the bank.

“I've experienced it too. Even though I'm not a BNI customer. The link goes to a page that asks for a cell phone number, ATM number, expiration date, and the last three digits of the ATM number. Next they will be prompted to enter “If it fails, they have prepared a WA link to the number. You have to be careful and pay attention to the opened links,” said @sangbima.

Meanwhile, following complaints from netizens, account owner @masdar_yanto wrote that this scam is precisely the job of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics to eliminate.

“It should be the job of the Ministry of Information to digitally track and block,” @masdar_yanto wrote.