Crazy YouTubers! Confesses to Crashing Airplane for Views

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Crazy YouTubers! Confesses to Crashing Airplane for Views
Crazy YouTubers! Confesses to Crashing a Plane for View. Photo: Screenshot/YouTube Trevor Jacob

DIKSIA.COM - In a shocking confession, has admitted to deliberately crashing an airplane in order to generate . He has pleaded guilty to obstructing the investigation by cleaning up the crash site.

Jacob has told authorities that he intentionally crashed the plane in a video as part of a deal with a sponsor to promote a wallet.

He has pleaded guilty to charges of destruction and concealment with intent to obstruct a federal investigation, and faces up to 20 years in prison.

On November 24, 2021, Jacob flew the plane from Lompoc City Airport in Santa Barbara, California, to Lake Mammoth. However, in his defense, he claimed that he had no plans to land the aircraft properly.

“He planned to jump out of the plane during the flight and record himself parachuting to the ground, as well as the plane descending and crashing,” said the US Attorney's Office for the Central District of California in a statement, as reported by CNN on May 14, 2023.

Jacob had installed multiple cameras in various parts of the plane. After flying over the Los Padres National Forest for about 35 minutes, he exited the plane wearing a parachute for skydiving and carrying a video camera and selfie stick to record himself.

After landing and recording the plane crash, Jacob climbed to the wreckage and took footage of the accident.

Two days later, Jacob reported the crash to the National Transportation Safety Board, and said he would provide the location of the wreckage.

However, he lied to authorities and claimed that he did not know where the plane had crashed.

Two weeks later, Jacob flew to the crash site with a friend, collected the plane's debris, brought it to a hangar in Santa Barbara, destroyed the parts of the plane, and disposed of them.

Approximately one month after the plane crash, Jacob uploaded a video titled ‘I Crashed My Airplane' to his YouTube channel, which has around 137,000 subscribers. As of now, the video has been watched over 2.9 million times.

However, some viewers and other aviation YouTubers have raised suspicions about Jacob's actions.