Instagram And Facebook Subscription Prices With Blue Ticks, Complete With Terms And Instructions On How To Sign Up

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DIKSIA.COM - has officially set new tariffs for people who want to subscribe to blue ticks or paid verification in the and Facebook applications.

In the announcement, Pieter Lydian, Country Director of , stated that the Indonesian people can now access the Meta Verified service.

A few months earlier, this feature was first rolled out to people in the United States.

The presence of this feature in Indonesia allows the public or public figures to protect their or Facebook accounts from identity theft, which is often perpetrated by irresponsible parties.

Additionally, by registering with the Meta Verified Blue Tick service, Instagram and Facebook users will get priority access and increased visibility on social media.

“I am pleased to say that Meta Verified is now available and can be purchased directly through Instagram or Facebook in Indonesia,” Pieter wrote on Friday (07/14/2023).

Blue Check Subscription Pricing

For the monthly blue tick subscription package, the web version of Facebook and Instagram costs IDR 100,000.

For mobile application versions like iOS and Android, the subscription fee for a verified account is now IDR 130,000.

Cheaper compared to Instagram's global web versions and Facebook's Blue Tick plans, where Meta costs $11.99.

Also, $14.99 for users who sign up for verified Instagram and Facebook subscriptions for the application version on iOS or Android, as reported on the official meta page.

Registration conditions Blue Check

Unfortunately, not all Instagram and Facebook users can get priority Blue Tick access to Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Only authorized users can subscribe to this blue tick service

Below are the conditions and ways to get a blue tick:

  • The user is at least 18 years old.
  • Have a public or private profile with a full name according to naming standards.
  • The user account must have an original profile photo that matches the user's face.
  • Activated two-factor authentication that can be completed after payment
  • Meets minimum activity requirements, e.g. B. the previous contribution history
  • Meets Instagram or Facebook Terms of Service and Community Standards