Deploy 100 Leopard 2 Tanks, Three Battalions Of Ukrainian Troops Penetrate Russian Defenses

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DIKSIA.COM - The between and is entering a phase of fiercer fighting than before.

On Thursday (27/07/2023), several foreign media reports said that Ukrainian troops had reportedly launched their counterattack through the southern area of ​​the city of Zaporizhia in , previously occupied by .

Russian sources said Kiev deployed three battalions, reinforced with tanks and armored vehicles, to mount a “massive” attack on Moscow's first main line of defense near the village of Robotyne.

The Russian-held village is southeast of Orikhiv, 60 miles south of the objective of Ukrainian troops advancing towards the Sea of ​​Azov.

With their movements, Ukrainian troops aim to break the line of coordination between Russian troops in the south and east of the country.

As the Telegraph reported, the US-based think Institute for the Study of said Ukraine's latest maneuvers managed to breach Russian defenses that had been prepared earlier south of Orichiv.

Vladimir Rogov, head of Moscow-backed local government in the Zaporizhia region, said the offensive involved foreign-trained Ukrainian troops armed with about 100 2 tanks and Bradley combat vehicles.

Rogov said Kiev troops launched a “high-intensity” attack on Zaporizhia in south-eastern Ukraine.

The massive attack was carried out by sending waves of armored vehicles into the Russian positions.

Vladimir Rogov said the Ukrainians partially broke through the Russian defenses but were eventually pushed back.

“At least 100 units of armored vehicles were thrown into the enemy's attack on the Orikhiv sector of the Zaporizhzhia front,” Rogov said on the Telegram news app, quoted by

“As a result of several waves of attacks on the Robotyne settlement area … the enemy managed to break through in three sections of our first line of defense,” he said.

“The fighters of this brigade have been trained abroad and … are mainly equipped with Western military equipment, including tanks and Bradley infantry fighting vehicles.”