Former US Secret Service Accuses The Government Of Covering Up Information About UFOs

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former us secret service accuses the government of covering up information about ufos 819c078

DIKSIA.COM - Former intelligence officer David Grusch testified before the United States Congress yesterday that the covered up evidence of “non-human” unidentified flying objects (UFOs) yesterday (Wednesday, July 26). However, the Pentagon has firmly denied this statement.

Grusch told a Congressional committee that he was “absolutely” convinced the had control over “” (UAP), a term the Pentagon uses for UFOs.

“I was told about the UAP accident search program and reverse engineering (a technical program in the IT world) for decades during my official duties,” Grusch said.

“Based on the data I've collected, I decided to report this to my superiors and several inspectors general, so I became a reporter,” he said.

When asked about the details of this information, Grusch admitted that he could not comment further as the information was still confidential.

He claimed to have directly interviewed people who had direct experience with the foreign body.

“My testimony is based on information I received from a number of parties with legitimacy and commitment to this country,” Grusch said, adding that some of them have also “attached persuasive evidence in the form of photos, official documentation and confidential oral testimony.”

In response, Congressman Tim Burchett supported claims that the government had withheld information, saying at the beginning of the hearing, “We will disclose what has been covered up.”

“This is an issue of government transparency. We cannot trust a government that does not trust its people,” he said.

In a statement, Defense Department spokeswoman Sue Gough said investigators had found no “verifiable information to support claims that any program related to possession or reverse engineering of extraterrestrial material, ancient or current, exists.”

Meanwhile, John Kirby, spokesman for the National Security Council, said he was not authorized to comment on issues of life beyond Earth.

“We believe there is an unexplained aerial phenomenon that has been detected and reported by Navy and Air Force pilots,” Kirby said. “We have no answers to the phenomenon.”