Man Sentenced To Three Months In Prison In Taiwan For Logging Into His Wife’s Facebook Account

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DIKSIA.COM - A man in Taiwan has been sentenced to three months in prison for logging into his wife's account.

As reported by the Independent, the man, surnamed Hou, was found guilty of violating his wife's privacy on .

According to the Taipei Times, Hou and his wife Yu had a falling out in May last year.

Due to the altercation, Yu left her home in Chiayi City and took her daughter with her.

Yu reportedly refused to take her husband's calls and blocked all contact after the altercation.

Hou then decided to log into his wife's account.

He sent messages to his daughter and mother-in-law.

In the message, Hou apologized for his behavior through his wife's account.

He asked his mother-in-law and daughter to join in trying to convince Yu to forgive him.

A court in Taipei confirmed that Hou logged into his wife's Facebook account twice on May 31 and June 1 last year to contact his daughter and mother-in-law.

Her daughter's age is unknown.

It's also not clear why Hou uses his wife's account or if he has his own Facebook account.

Upon learning that his privacy had been violated, Yu reported his husband to the police.

The court ruling earlier this month emphasized that individuals retain the right to privacy even after marriage.

Hou also pleaded guilty before a judge and was convicted of “computer security breaches,” according to the Straits Times.

He was accused of using his wife's password to access her Facebook account without her consent and altering her digital records by using her account to send messages.

The court sentenced Hou to three months in prison.

The court also provided for the possibility of commuting the sentence by paying a fine of NT$1,000 (around Rs. 485,000) per day.