Men In China Are Shocked To See His Wife’s Car Rocking In The Parking Lot – The Ending Is Heartbreaking

RediksiaWednesday, 2 August 2023 | 11:59 GMT+0000 - , — Truong and Ly, who live in the of the city of Cangzhou, China's Hebei province, have been in love since college.

A daughter was born from the marriage concluded after graduation.

As a husband, making his wife and children happy is so important to Truong that he decides to leave his hometown and go to the city while his wife takes care of the children.

According to, his wife provided support until Troung ended up working hard and spending a lot of time in the office.

After several years of only caring for children, Ly apparently got bored of just caring for children.

She felt that her husband did not understand her loneliness, leading to the two eventually feeling more distant and cold towards each other.

When the opportunity finally presented itself to go home, the two couldn't let go of their homesickness, but an argument ensued.

This state made Ly feel like her husband didn't love her anymore.

He cried all night before finally deciding to go to a bar to relax.

Although she already had children, Ly still seemed like a young and slender girl.

Not long after, Ly's form caught the attention of a man named Guo.

The man, later identified as Quach, approached Ly, talked and drank together.

From the conversation it appears that the man not only looks good, but also has a polite and gentle demeanor.

Knowing Ly is in trouble, Quach offers advice.

Under the influence of alcohol, Ly becomes dizzy and falls onto Quach's lap.

The man then wanted to take the woman home, but could not control himself and took the woman to the hotel. When Ly wakes up the next day, he finds himself in a hotel bed having intercourse.

Since this incident, the two have had a forbidden love and a relationship between man and woman.

The habit of his wife not being there when he got home made Truong suspicious.

Initially, Troung looked for information by dismantling his wife's social media and came across a suspicious man, but this was not considered solid evidence.

One day Ly told her husband that she was going on a trip with some of her friends.

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