Moscow Air Defenses Collapsed, Ukrainian Drones Become A Message To Russia: War Is Approaching In The Capital

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DIKSIA.COM - Repeated attacks by Ukrainian on Moskva-City, an elite district that is the economic, business and political center of the Russian capital, are seen as Kiev's great message to Vladimir Putin's government.

BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner, who is filming the latest episode of Ukrainecast, said 's drone strike on was likely to have caused “minor” damage.

However, the psychological impact on the Russian government can be enormous.

At its simplest, the appearance of Ukrainian in the heart of the capital, no matter how the Kremlin claims to have shot them down, proves that Moscow's air defenses are impregnable.

“The repeated drone strikes on Moscow – more specifically in the Kremlin, in elite neighborhoods, in a city on par with Canary Wharf or Wall Street – are a message to 's political elite,” he said.

“The fact that can penetrate Russian air defenses should be a cause for concern,” he said.

Although this attack was “tiny” compared to the Russian bombing of Ukraine, it reminded that war was imminent.

“Unfortunately, this is our new reality,” said Masha, a civilian from Moscow.

“People in the city just want to live in peace,” he said.

Nonetheless, he still feels safe in Moscow and still lives his everyday life without fear, he added.

Frank Gardner also pointed out that this also contradicts Ukrainian citizens.

He recalled an anecdote from Zaporizhia in south-eastern Ukraine.

Gardner said he was amazed that people continued to go to the beach or celebrate weddings despite hearing explosions every night and knowing who had been killed.

“People have to live on,” he said.

Gardner continues the discussion on the drone war as Ukraine and Russia frequently use drones to penetrate enemy lines.

“It's difficult to estimate how many drones Kiev or Moscow have,” he said.

In its latest attacks over the past few days, Ukraine is believed to have used its new “kamikaze” unmanned vehicles to attack Moscow.

Weapons experts say the drone war that took place in Ukraine is now being felt in the heart of the Russian capital.