Russian Journalist Yelena Milashina Was Tortured, Shaved And Covered In Green Paint In Chechnya

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DIKSIA.COM - A Russian journalist, , was killed by an armed group Tuesday afternoon (07/04/2023) while visiting the Chechen Republic, part of the Russian Federation.

was accompanied by a lawyer, Alexander Nemov, during a visit to the Chechen city of Grozny to attend the trial of the mother of a Chechen activist.

The two were intercepted by a group of armed men on their way from the airport.

They threatened to shoot Yelena Milashina, who worked for Russian media Novaya Gazeta.

“You have been warned. Get out of here and don't write anything,” said the Russian human rights group Memorial and Crew Against Torture (CAT), citing threats from the attackers.

The attackers also confiscated and destroyed the mobile phones of Yelena Milashina and Alexander Nemov.

CAT said the shooter shaved Yelena Milashina's hair.

They also colored Yelena Milashina's face with green paint.

Yelena Milashina and Alexander Nemov believe the attackers have been targeting them since they were at the airport.

“It's a classic kidnapping,” Yelena Milashina told CAT's head, Sergei Babinets, at a Grozny hospital, quoted by BBC .

Alexander Nemov said the attacker forced her out of the car.

“They opened fire and then threw our driver out of the car, got up, lowered his head, tied my hands, forced me to kneel and put a gun to my head,” he continued.

“They threw us to the side of the road and started kicking us in the face and all over the body. They stabbed me in the leg,” Alexander Nemov was quoted as saying by the Russian Bar Association.

Yelena Milashina also said that after they were dragged into the gorge, the attackers started hitting them with polypropylene plastic pipes.

The attacker demands that he unlock his phone.

He explained that the password was too complicated to be hacked.

“They didn't get it, and when they finally got it, they had already shaved me and doused me with green paint, and I didn't see anything,” he told CAT chief Sergei Babinets.

The dye is widely used as an antiseptic and has been used in previous attacks against dissidents in , including Alexei Navalny.