Seconds Of Totok Killing Her Daughter, Taken To The Bathroom And Then Raped, Scared After The Action

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DIKSIA.COM - Suprapto aka (53) had the heart to sadistically kill his biological daughter DL (20).

Cruelly, also had time to force the DL.

Totok wrapped the victim's body in a sack and dumped it in the paddy field area of ​​Bulupasar Village, Pagu District, Regency, East Java, Wednesday (07/05/2023).

DL's body was not found until three days later, on Saturday (07/08/2023).

A week after finding the victim's body, police arrested Totok in Tulungagung District on Saturday (15/07/2023).

Chronology of the Murders

According to , Totok committed his heinous act on Wednesday (05/07/2023).

The incident began around 9 p.m. WIB when the victim was returning home from work, said Police Criminal Investigation Chief .

“Arrived at home, the victim was changing and was immediately dragged by the perpetrator.”

“The victim was then dragged until he fell and was strangled,” Rizkika said on Monday (07/17/2023).

Totok then took the victim to the bathroom.

There the perpetrator had forced the victim, his own biological daughter.

Afterwards, Totok sadistically killed the victim by throwing them into the water.

“At that time, the perpetrator made sure that the victim was still breathing and his pulse was still there.”

“To make sure the victim died, the perpetrator dunked the victim's face in the water,” he explained.

This is consistent with the results of the victim's autopsy, which was confirmed to have died because his lungs were filled with water.

After the victim died, Totok tied the victim up and covered the victim's mouth with duct tape.

The perpetrator then put the victim's body in a sack.

The perpetrator then took the victim's body with him on a motorcycle.

Upon arrival in the area of ​​Bulupasar Village, Pagu District, Kediri Regency, the perpetrators disposed of DL's body.

“At the scene of the crime, the perpetrator immediately threw the victim's body into the rice fields,” Rizkika said.

Fear to the point of wanting to end life

After killing his daughter, Totok was filled with fear.