Shooting In New Zealand Kills 2 People, Suspect Suicide

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DIKSIA.COM - Two people died and six were injured in a at a construction site in the city of on Thursday (07/20/2023).

The shooter was among the dead.

Previously, the shooters would move through a construction site and, having reached the top floor, would carry a pump action shotgun.

Police Commissioner said the gunman was cornered in the Queen Street building for about 30 minutes.

“Our armed assault force, supported by a special tactical squad, located the perpetrator in the elevator shaft where he was barricaded and attempted to attack him after securing both the upper and lower floors,” said.

“More shots were fired from the man and moments later he was found dead.”

victims of shootings

Commissioner Coster confirmed that two people had been found dead down at the site.

He said the injured officer is in stable condition at the hospital and is likely to undergo surgery.

Five civilians suffered moderate to serious injuries, although this number could possibly be higher as people may have been hospitalized within the past hour.

“Details of what actually happened are not yet known and the police will continue to be kept informed of the injuries and the situation,” he added.

The incident has been resolved and is an isolated case.

“We can also assume that this does not pose a national security risk,” he said, quoted by Channel News Asia.

According to the latest information, there was a violent history in the shooter's family.

“The individual is best known for his history of family violence,” he added.

Shootout before the opening of the FIFA Women's World Cup

The incident came just hours before the opening match of the ninth FIFA Women's World Cup at Eden Park in on Thursday evening (20/07/2023).

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said the football tournament will go ahead as planned.

He said the appeared to be an isolated incident and police were not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.

“No political or ideological motive has been identified for the shooting and therefore there is no risk to national security,” Hipkins said in a televised news conference.