The Killing Of Two Japanese Soldiers By Cadets Motivated By Hatred

RediksiaFriday, 16 June 2023 | 06:16 GMT+0000
The Killing Of Two Japanese Soldiers By Cadets Motivated By Hatred

DIKSIA.COM - TOKYO – The June 14, 2023 killing of Yasushi Kikumatsu, 52, an 18-year-old military cadet (Yukja), was allegedly motivated by hatred.

Two police officers were reported to have been killed in the shooting.

The deceased was Yatsushiro Yasusuke (25), a member of the ground crew, as well as the ground training instructor Yasushi Kikumatsu (52).

Meanwhile, a 25-year-old third-class crew member was seriously injured.

Yasushi Kikumatsu (52), who died in a shooting incident at the Ground Self-Defense Force Hino Basic Shooting Range (Gifu City), was shot twice in the chest by an 18-year-old cadet. Then, on June 14, a candidate for the Self-Defense Officer was inaugurated,” the informant reported on Friday (June 16, 2023).

Investigations revealed that the cadet fired a total of four bullets, followed by two other rounds, each firing two rounds at the 52-year-old senior coach.

The Gifu Prefectural Police and officials are investigating the possibility that the victim, Yasushi Kikumatsu (18), may have been targeted by hatred.

The Gifu Prefectural Police are currently investigating the case.

Hyungyeong found the culprit of the murder this morning and sent him to the prosecution.

From now on, the Yukja Central District Police Unit, equivalent to the Self-Defense Forces police, will be in charge of the investigation.

According to the prefectural police, the 18-year-old male member of the Yukja team acknowledged the shooting, but denied intent to kill.

According to an investigation official, the suspect Yasushi Kikumatsu was shot twice in the chest and was bleeding profusely.

Meanwhile, Yasusuke Yatsushiro shoots him in the side.

Another was shot through the left thigh and seriously injured.

Judging from the number of shots fired and the number of injured people, since the man often scolded Yasushi Kikumatsu, it is highly likely that she was the target from the beginning.

June 14, when the incident occurred, was the last day of four rounds of live ammunition training conducted as part of training for cadets to enlist in April 2023, and was in the midst of a technical “test”.