The Management Producer Of Osaka 2025 Does Not Want To Hear About The Illegal Entry Of Foreigners Into Japan

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the management producer of osaka 2025 does not want to hear about the illegal entry of foreigners into japan 6f892a3

DIKSIA.COM - TOKYO, The management producer of Expo 2025 seems oblivious to illegal foreign entry during the upcoming 2025.

“It's visa business, Japanese immigration,” he said on Wednesday (February 8, 2023) when answering a question on how to prevent illegal aliens from entering in the upcoming Osaka 2025.

This producer just seems to organize Osaka 2025 without bothering about illegal foreign entry later and just considers it as an immigration thing.

“During the 2005 Nagoya Expo, it turned out that dozens of participants from various pavilions in different countries had fled to live illegally in . This could not be separated from the invitation letter sent by the expo committee to each country's pavilion, “Who has taken care of Japanese immigration. So it's not about foreigners entering Japan illegally,” the source told on Wednesday (02/08/2023).

“It seems that this producer really has no clue about affairs, even though he does events, it's weird right,” the source added.

The visa application process for each country (participant pavilion) wishing to come to Expo 2025 Japan must be accompanied by an invitation letter from the Expo 2025 Committee in the Japanese immigration procedure, stating that the participant will travel to Japan to become a participant and the value of the concerned country.

This letter of invitation must be closely guarded by the organizing manufacturer so that it is not given out lightly.

“The producer organizers should first screen the participants and get guarantees from the country concerned that the participants will not run away when they are already in Japan, looking back on past experiences. Only then will they issue the invitation letter to complete the immigration. “Meet requirements for entry visa to Japan,” he added.

About twelve Indonesian nationals who had attended Nagota Expo 2005 in the past and were assigned to guard the Indonesian pavilion at the expo fled instead and became illegal after arriving in Nagoya. It is not yet known where these people are.