Ukraine Attacks Russia In Donetsk, Killing 1 And Wounding 41 Others In Makiyevka Town

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ukraine attacks russia in donetsk killing 1 and wounding 41 others in makiyevka town cfd8c9b

DIKSIA.COM - Ukrainian troops attacked Russian formations in on Wednesday (05/07/2023).

They aimed at the Russian-held territory of the city of in .

One person died from his injuries and 41 others were injured by gunfire.

“Forty-one people, including two children, were injured by gunfire. One person died from his injuries,” , head of the administration of the Russian-controlled Donetsk city of Makiyevka, told Russian broadcasters. Rossiya-24 on Wednesday. .

“As a result of the shooting in the Chervonogvardeyskiy district, residents of the village of Krupskaya were partially cut off from electricity,” he said.

Klyucharov said about 40 houses were damaged, as well as several schools and two fire stations.

Earlier, the Ukrainian army said it had destroyed a Russian formation in .

They released a video showing a huge explosion lighting up the night sky.

“Another Russian terrorist formation in temporarily occupied Makiivka no longer exists,” Ukrainian forces said in a statement on social media, quoted by the Moscow Times.

On the same day, also attacked an oil depot in Makiivka.

Video released by 's RIA Novosti news agency shows a large fire and plumes of smoke as a fire truck approaches the scene of the fire.

“Ukrainian militants carried out several attacks on oil depots using HIMARS,” reported RIA Novosti news agency.

There were no injuries in the fire.

The day before, Tuesday (04/07/2023), opened fire on Russian forces in Makiivka and attacked again on Wednesday (05/07/2023).

Donetsk chief Denis Pushilin, seconded by , said the Ukrainian army had launched a heavy on residential areas and the hospital complex in Makiyevka.

“The Ukrainian army also damaged nine health facilities by shelling,” said Denis, quoted by TASS.

The state agency released images of broken glass scattered on the floor of a medical facility.

Russia attacks eastern Ukraine

Russia also launched an on the Kherson region of Ukraine on Wednesday (07/05/2023).