Viral Video On TikTok: This Woman Freezes While Walking, Similar To A Scene In The Matrix Movie

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DIKSIA.COM - A woman looks frozen while walking on a sidewalk.

In the TikTok video uploaded from an anonymous account, a woman can be seen walking in a black long dress and white pants.

Then he froze just as he was about to take a step.

“He was like that a minute ago,” the caption reads.

The legs seemed to stride while the arms hung awkwardly at his sides.

In fact, her ponytail was also frozen, which should have swayed as she walked.

“Why did he ?” asked the person who filmed while zooming in on the video, quoted by the New York Post.

Then the woman started walking again and the recorder yelled, “What the hell?”

Astounded viewers couldn't believe their eyes as skeptics flocked to the comments.

“I'm telling you NOW the maker… the maker is not real,” one person wrote in the comments.

“I truly believe the is ​​real,” another TikTok user wrote, agreeing.

“Well, even the hair is frozen,” said another.

“He was interrupted for a second,” said another TikTok user.

Aside from those who believe in the , a number of other users do not believe in the authenticity of the video.

“I find it very interesting that there are hundreds of glitch videos online but no one has ever seen them in real life,” wrote one TikTok user.

“It's crazy how we have everything we have technologically and everyone knows but they still love to be edited,” said another.

“It's a paused video from a video,” added another user, quoted by The Sun.

Another video has surfaced on TikTok showing a woman wearing a winter coat and jeans.

In her right hand she holds a purse and a mask.

While his left hand carries a small camera with the lens aimed at his face.

The woman appears to be smiling into the small camera, then repeatedly rotates the device.

While his position remains the same, all that can be seen is his left wrist holding the camera twisting back and forth.

The recorder looks scared while filming the scene.

There are TikTok users who think the incident resembles the Matrix.

“BUG in the Matrix,” wrote a TikTok user, quoted by The Mirror UK.