Meet The Indiba Treatment Used By Rafael Nadal On Lionel Messi For Recovery

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DIKSIA.COM - JAKARTA , Nowadays, many people compete for beauty from head to toe, which has led to rapid growth of beauty care services.

Because beauty treatments are no longer limited to the face, but to the entire body, including hair and intimate areas, in order to achieve “wellness” fitness.

One of the most sought-after beauty treatments today is non-invasive treatments because they are safer without the need for surgery.

In this context, the choice of using tools or machines to carry out the treatment is of course also important for clinics, doctors and especially patients.

Ir , President and Director of PT Regenesis Indonesia said that there is a device in the world that can treat the entire body from head to toe, namely , which is based on “Pro Ionic” and specifically with a frequency of 448kHz works .

What is Indiba Therapy?

Quoted from the page (07/07/2023): This is a non-invasive treatment that uses high-frequency currents to increase the internal temperature of human tissues.

This therapy provides the body with more energy while optimizing ion exchange to balance the electrical potential of body tissues.

Please note that skin is affected by gravity and wrinkles develop naturally with age. You may see unwanted fat, including cellulite and body fat.

According to clinical evaluation in various medical centers, the average routine treatment resulted in 82 percent reduction in cellulite, 87 percent skin tightening, 90 percent body contouring, and 95 percent before and after surgery.

This treatment allows for the proper movement of ions across cell membranes, which improves blood circulation and promotes collagen production.

In the sports world, this tool is used because it effectively supports the recovery process of athletes after training and competitions. Many public figures have used it in their daily treatments, from international tennis player Rafael Nadal to Spanish football club Barcelona to world footballer Argentina Lionel Messi.

Because of its head-to-toe effects, this therapy can also be used to treat cellulite and hair loss.