Demand For Smart Lock Door Security Systems Is Increasing, But What Are The Benefits?

RediksiaFriday, 16 June 2023 | 23:35 GMT+0000
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DIKSIA.COM - is of course a big concern so we can provide you with peace, safety and comfort during your travels.

In addition to installing CCTV for added , smart lock doors and smart lock systems are available.

A smart lock door or digital lock door is a in the form of an advanced lock installed on a door and is already using the .

As a general rule, do not use keyhole keys to enter or leave your .

Smart lock door users only need to enter the set of numbers set as the password. You can also attach your to access it.

This system is highly secure as it enhances security and allows easy access only to those who have access to a password or .

It can prevent theft due to opening.

Smart lock doors are very popular in Korea. In Indonesia, this digital key system is also starting to spread.

With the opening of the smart lock door market opportunity, manufacturers continue to enter Indonesia's smart lock market.

Yale, a smart lock door brand, seized this opportunity and recently opened a second smart shop at AEON Mall Centur City.

Bugs Fermadi, direct channel sales manager at Yale Indonesia, said the company's mission is to provide the latest technological innovations that not only protect homes but also provide convenience to consumers.

“We are very optimistic that Ale University can bring more benefits to the people of Indonesia. We will also continue to innovate other cutting-edge products to realize better services,” Baggs said on Wednesday (31 May 2023). day) said.