The Influence Of William Kevin Avid’s Collection Of Vintage Cars And Motorcycles On Vintage Clothing 

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the influence of william kevin avid s collection of vintage cars and motorcycles on vintage clothing 93d8732

DIKSIA.COM - JAKARTA, is known not only as a businessman but also as one of the most influential people in this country.

He is involved in companies in the field of e-cigarettes and has been highlighted by international media.

Thanks to this business, the @williamkvin account holder has a lot of rather expensive hobbies, like collecting old cars and Vespas.

This is what he has been doing for the last few years after his name became popular on social media.

Especially when he was invited by Young Lex to collaborate on some content.

“It is safe to start a hobby after you have your own income.

“My hobbies are playing with old cars, old Vespas and collecting from the 80's and 90's,” he said recently.

This hobby of collecting items is addictive.

Especially for classic cars.

also doesn't want to be a half-doer when pursuing his hobby.

He said he once owned a BMW car, which is not available in many units in Indonesia.

“I used to own a BMW e12, it was the first BMW 5 Series in the world. It seems that the population is very rare in Indonesia, especially in Surabaya. Then I also have clothes that are definitely very antique,” he said.

Joining this hobby community is a way for the man named Nivek to find what he is passionate about.

While there's no denying that this hobby is expensive, it often makes money.

It's not uncommon for this hobby to bring Kevin disappointment, especially when the people he meets suddenly disappear or are ghosts.

“Some of them accidentally made money, even though I didn't expect to make money from it. But I spend most of it when it comes to hobbies.”

I've been betrayed many times because I trust people easily. Maybe he's PHP-in because things are really hard to come by, right? But that's what makes me want to go hunting again,” he said.

Source: Tribunnews / Eko Sutriyanto