Don’t Panic If You Spot A Small Hole In The Airplane Window

RediksiaWednesday, 3 January 2024 | 03:09 GMT+0000
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DIKSIA.COM - The presence of a small hole in the airplane window could cause panic among anxious travelers. However, the presence of this small hole is a good thing.

When we travel we sometimes become aware of strange things. Also, what could happen if we see a small hole in the airplane window? However, travelers need not panic if they find it.

The presence of this hole is related to the pressure when the is at altitude. As is well known, the higher the plane flies, the lower the oxygen content. This can cause passengers to become short of breath.

Even at an altitude of 35,000 feet, passengers can lose consciousness due to the very low air pressure. To prevent undesirable events, the cabin is designed to maintain a pressure that is greater than the pressure outside the aircraft.

Well, this process has a negative impact on the aircraft and passengers. Well, this hole is useful for regulating changing air pressure.

According to The Sun on Wednesday (03/01/2024), this hole is called an exhaust hole and is necessary due to changes in cabin pressure on land and in the air.

“The two outer cabin windows are designed to withstand the pressure difference between the cabin and the sky,” explained pilot Mark Vanhoenacker.

“Both the center and outer panels are strong enough to withstand the differences themselves, but under normal circumstances it is the outer panels that withstand this pressure – thanks to the air holes,”

This small hole not only serves to change the pressure, but also allows water vapor to escape from the lens so that the lens does not fog up too much.

Traveler Megan Gougeon, who has taken more than 300 flights, added. “The airlines don't talk about it much, but it plays a big role in keeping us safe and comfortable on flights.”

That's why you can fly with a broken window and still be safe.

Last year, a named Mia Carouba recorded a frightening video in which her plane's window appeared to be broken.

Fortunately, no one was affected by the danger on the plane. That's because most airplane windows have two or three panes, and the incident only shattered the inner pane.