VIRAL! This Couple Married After 3.5 Years HTS: “Let’s Go Out Until We Arrive.”

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DIKSIA.COM - Social media is horrified at a man marrying a woman, but has a unique story.

It turns out the two went on a non-status relationship under the alias HTS for 3.5 years before finally agreeing to walk down the aisle.

The love story between the two is all the more exciting because the man was rejected as the woman's boyfriend, but instead accepted as a husband.

A viral show declaring and demonstrating that a couple who have been in a non-status relationship, aka HTS, are finally getting .

In fact, both looked happy and the groom was delighted to see the woman he wanted to marry.

The upload shows a newlywed couple rejoicing on their wedding day.

At this point, the two had been in a no-status relationship for 3.5 years with no clear goals.

“Oh god, I still don't think you got me now.

3.5 years HTS, never released, always rejected as boyfriend but accepted as husband instead. Still don't think brother? are you relieved now “Hihi ilysm, mas adit,” the woman explained.

The video of the wedding moment is even more emotional.

For the man, who wore a white wedding dress, seemed to hold back his tears of joy when the woman he loved became his wife.

He looked down, limping, when he saw the woman coming who became his wife.

The smile on his face only disappeared when the woman came.

Another video shows the moment when the man, whose name is Adit, consents to the marriage.

Adit's character seemed very confident as he announced his agreement to marry his wife named Nabila Amalya or Naby.

“Hi mas adit, darling. Thank you for all the proof that you are a man who really deserves my love with all my heart. Now we are legal it is enough no status relationship 3.5 years to get to know you better yesterday. Now I've Got It “Want let's date till the end comes later,” Naby wrote in his upload.

In addition, until the publication of this news, the couple's exact whereabouts were not known.

Many say they are from the West Java region.

This marriage surprised Naby's colleagues.

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