Research: Few People Have Extra Creases On Their Little Fingers

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DIKSIA.COM - Few people in the world have extra creases on the undersides of their little fingers.

Now look at your fingers.

In general, you only have two folds on your .

If you have three lines or wrinkles then you belong to a very small and rare group of people.

They have something called the “extra transverse interphalangeal.”

It sounds very complicated, but it's just “an extra wrinkle on the pinky.”

Human fingers and toes are made up of several small bones called phalanges.

Each finger has three phalanges, except for the thumb, which has two phalanges.

Additional pleats (if any) at the top of a pleat are usually used to seat the ring.

This extra crease is usually only seen on the pinky, but some have it on other fingers as well.

There aren't many studies on this.

Citing, scientists from collected data from 551 people in a study published in the journal Nature in 1978.

Of the 1,102 little fingers they have, only six people have that extra crease.

In addition, all men have an extra crease only on a .

Women, on the other hand, have wrinkles on both hands.

Another study involving only about 307 people showed that the abnormality was more common in men than women.

No concrete reasons could be identified as to how the anomaly occurred, nor could information be obtained as to whether the anomaly was related to something else.

Extra interphalangeal folds can be genetic.

However, there is little interest in this topic as it may not pose a useful or interesting problem for medical .

Still, the uniqueness can be useful in forensics.

In a 2015 study, the extra transverse interphalangeal can be useful for identifying fingerprints of someone involved in something.

Therefore, an additional interphalangeal section may be used in this area, as with a scar, tattoo, or other identifying feature.