Apple Is Recommended To Make A Cheap IPhone At $250 Why?

RediksiaTuesday, 23 April 2024 | 04:19 GMT+0000 - 's position in the global mobile phone market is unstable due to various factors. A cheap could be the answer to Apple's problems, according to an analyst.

After dominating the global mobile phone market for a quarter, Apple fell to second place, according to the IDC report. iPhone sales also fell by around 10% in the first quarter of 2024, although the overall mobile market recorded growth of almost 8%.

iPhone sales are also declining in China, a country that is typically a source of revenue and growth for Apple. In the previous quarter, Apple's sales in China fell 13%, its worst decline in four years.

The good news for Apple is that current iPhone users aren't switching to Android immediately. Apple's main problem is attracting new users to the products in its ecosystem and encouraging existing users to switch to new products.

According to Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman, one way for Apple to increase its growth is to launch low-cost iPhones and focus on emerging markets.

Apple has actually provided an iPhone at an affordable price, namely the iPhone SE series, which sells for around 400 USD or 6 million IDR. But that price is still not cheap enough compared to phones from Chinese vendors that offer more cameras and cheaper screens at lower prices.

Apple will reportedly launch a new iPhone SE with a more modern design next year. However, if the mobile phone still uses the latest chips and first-class materials, the price still cannot compete with Chinese mobile phones.

Gurman believes that Apple should sell cheap iPhones priced at $250 or around IDR 4 million. The tech giant could limit sales of cheap iPhones to developing countries if it doesn't want to diminish the iPhone's premium appeal in other countries.

“Apple can cut costs by using a full-screen LCD panel approach — instead of the more expensive OLED displays used in current iPhones — and reducing the number of cameras,” Gurman said, quoted by Bloomberg on Monday ( April 22, 2024). ).

“The device will likely use an older but still powerful chip and perhaps a plastic case (that still retains Apple's industrial design),” he continued.

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