4 Ways To Prevent The Car From Overheating, Number 2: Too Cold Makes The Engine Wasteful

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DIKSIA.COM - During the dry season, car owners need extra attention to car maintenance to prevent the engine from overheating.

Overheating is a condition where the temperature of the car engine is too high. If this condition is not checked, it will have negative effects on the vehicle.

The following tips to avoid overheating the car from the workshop:

1. Regular oil changes

The main function of is to act as a lubricant between rubbing engine components to reduce the risk of wear and thus ensure optimal movement.

No less importantly, the oil also helps protect the engine from the heat generated by friction between components.

The heat absorbed is transferred from the to the engine block wall and released there or transferred to the coolant.

Here you can see how important the work of the engine oil is in hot weather. Ensure the quality of engine and transmission oil is maintained by changing it regularly.

2. Check the condition of the engine radiator

The main task of maintaining the engine's operating temperature lies with the . The radiator fluid circulates through the engine block and gives off heat.

In practice, various components play a role, e.g. B. Radiator, radiator fan, radiator cap, thermostat, radiator fluid reserve pipe, hoses and fittings and radiator coolant.

All these important components work and ensure that the engine's working temperature is at an ideal level, so that it is neither too cold (undercooled) nor too hot (overheated).

Too cold makes the engine wasteful and powerless, while overheating can damage engine components and even fail.

Make sure the radiator coolant is not leaking and can circulate properly to dissipate engine heat.

3. Make sure the cabin is comfortable

The car's air conditioning must work properly so that the temperature inside is always cool

We can check the condition of the cabin filter so that the evaporator doesn't get dirty so quickly and the cabin air doesn't cool down.

In addition, clean the condenser in front of the machine room from dirt, which prevents the release of freon heat.