The Yamaha Audio System In The New Mitsubishi SUV Candidate Should Be Able To Bring Music Concerts Into The Cabin

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the yamaha audio system in the new mitsubishi suv candidate should be able to bring music concerts into the cabin ef2649d

DIKSIA.COM - JAKARTA, Mitsubishi Indonesia will showcase its latest SUV products at the GIIAS 2023 motor show, which will be held at ICE BSD, Tangerang, Banten next August.

At this exhibition, they will present a special premium audio concept for the new SUV in cooperation with Mitsubishi engineers and audio engineers.

The sound system is believed to be capable of producing top-notch audio quality and is claimed to be equivalent to a music concert with quality sound.

This special audio system is called and should be able to present private music concerts in the car.

Masahiro Ito, chief product specialist at Mitsubishi Motors, said the company developed with special attention to the best sound quality so that you can enjoy a pleasant driving experience when you get into this car.

“This new model exudes the allure of a Mitsubishi Motors SUV. So stay tuned to see it soon,” he said.

This sound system can adjust the volume and maintain the sound quality, so it continues to produce lively bass tones and hear clear tones even when the car is driven on an uneven road surface.

Yamaha sound master Takashi Nakanishi said the audio system specially developed for Mitsubishi's latest SUV lets passengers hear real instrument sounds.

“The sound of the instruments presented by our audio system will sound very real, with rich volume levels and low frequency levels that preserve the quality of the rhythm. You can feel an idol music concert as if it was presented just for you” he said.

Source:, Lita Febriani