Blitz Prepares Electric Vehicles For KingKong Meats E-grocery Delivery Fleet

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DIKSIA.COM - JAKARTA, Indonesia is one of the largest e-grocery markets in in terms of the velocity of money.

Statista forecasts that the e-grocery market in Indonesia, which is expected to register a total revenue of US$2.6 trillion in 2022, will continue to grow and reach US$5.6 trillion in 2026.

To support the development of the e-grocery business ecosystem, Electric Mobility (), a technology company providing end-to-end solutions in the logistics sector, is collaborating with an e-grocery company, KingKong Meats, to create a Fleet electric groceries provide motorcycles for its logistics management.

The procurement of this electric vehicle fleet started in February 2023 as a logistics solution that is cheaper, smarter and more reliable.

This collaboration allows business professionals who become Blitz partners to focus more on driving their business growth.

“We are committed to providing customers with fresh and fast products and increasing business efficiency. “Blitz Electric Mobility and KingKong Meats Mitra Bukalapak are collaborating on an online grocery delivery service,” said , founder and CEO of Blitz, in a written statement on Thursday, July 13, 2023.

Saivya explained that e-food companies like KingKong Meats need to keep growing by attracting customers and increasing profitability with the emergence of various alternative modes of delivery.

Therefore, what is needed is a logistics service that can create fundamental cost efficiencies for delivery services.

He added that by using the Blitz services, businesses can immediately reap the benefits of using more efficiently and plan more optimal routes and delivery times.

The cost factor also plays an important role for Blitz services when an entrepreneur places an order.

According to him, the price is aligned with the performance of Blitz's Fleet and Data Telematic (SaaS) software.

The cooperation between Blitz and KingKong Meats also allows for the loading of further shipments of up to 180 kg (including courier weight) for each Blitz electric motorcycle with a delivery range of up to 20 km, supported by Blitz hubs in various cities that deliver to Co -Storage and assembly of goods. – Customer orders.