Check The Electrical Condition Of The Vehicle. Motobatt Introduces A Battery Tester

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DIKSIA.COM - The retailer Motobatt launched the Motobatt-VM tester tool on Saturday (07/15/2023). 

This tool is designed to help workshop and shop owners avoid complaints about poor battery charge on electric motors.

Alfonsus Angga, Sales Manager of PT Motobatt Indonesia said that Motobatt-VM was released primarily to reduce consumer battery claims or battery damage.

“So workshops and shops need this tool and it can be used according to its function,” said Alfonsus on Saturday (07/15/2023).

In addition, Motobatt-VM also has an indicator light from 0 percent to 100 percent.

If it shows 100 percent, the battery condition is normal or can be considered healthy with a battery voltage in the range of 12.6 volts. 12.8 volts.

If the device also shows 75 percent and the battery voltage is in the range of 12.5 volts – 12.6 volts, the battery can still be used.

If the device now shows 50 percent and the battery voltage is 11.8 volts – 12.4 volts, recharging is recommended.

“Indicates 25 percent, the battery voltage is very low or it can be said that it has been deeply discharged.

The condition of the battery is no longer usable or the engine cannot be started. If it shows zero percent, then the battery is empty or empty, no voltage,” explained Alfonus.

Indonesia, which has the largest population in Asia, data from the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI) shows that the domestic motorcycle sales volume reached 608,244 units in January 2023.

With the Motobatt-VM battery tester, it is designed to help check and find out battery damage, especially automobile users, especially motorcycles, can learn about this tool and use it according to its function.