Eight Tips For Caring For A Motorcycle Smart Key System, Number 2 You Often Forget!

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DIKSIA.COM - JAKARTA, The latest production motorcycles are now equipped with modern features and technologies, including the , a sophisticated keyless system.

The has two main functions: It serves as an and is intended to make it easier for motorists to find the position of the motorcycle in the parking lot within a radius of 20 meters.

In addition, it is also equipped with an to increase the security of the motorcycle when parking, since the motorcycle can only start when there is a remote control within 80 cm.

The remote control is an important part of the system, so consumers need to pay attention to several points when caring for it.

The following are tips for remote motorcycle maintenance provided by the mechanics at main dealer who manage the South Sumatra Bengkulu area:

1. Keep the remote key in a place that is easy to find, because most remote key loss problems are caused by consumers dropping the remote key in random places.

As a result, consumers need to replace the remote smart key and the PIN number of the previous remote smart key needs to be re-registered.

2. Save the remote smart key PIN number. If the motorcycle owner does not remember the previous PIN number, he will have to replace a set of smart key systems.

Replacing a number of smart key systems, namely replacing the Smart Unit which contains the remote control and the Starter Generator Control Unit (SGCU).

Replacing a smart key system will disable the old keys, making the motorcycle unusable if the remote control is stolen.

3. Avoid dropping the smart key frequently or immersing it in water, which may damage the remote control.

4. Check the condition of the remote control battery. Normally, the remote control signal connects to the smart unit within 80cm.

If the condition of the remote control battery is not good, it means the range of the remote control smart key to start the engine is less than 80cm.

5. Consumers usually forget how to turn on and off the remote control key. To turn on and off, press the remote control smart key for 3 seconds.