Honda WR-V Receives 2,500 Orders Ahead Of Its Malaysian Launch

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DIKSIA.COM - Ahead of the launch of the compact SUV in , the company is said to have received 2,500 orders from consumers.

Honda itself has opened the tap to ordering the WR-V since June 12 last year. Various camera footage shows the being transported by truck through the streets of Malaysia.

According to Paultan, the Malaysian Honda WR-V will be available in four variants, including types S, E, V and the top RS variant.

Most of the orders were for the RS variant with 45 percent, followed by the V-type with 38 percent, the E-model with around 12 percent, and the rest was for the basic S equipment.

All WR-V variants feature the same as the Indonesian and Thai market versions, namely the naturally aspirated 1.5-liter DOHC i-VTEC L15ZF engine developing 121 hp and 145 Nm, paired with a CVT.

FYI: This car was first launched worldwide in Indonesia in November 2022.

This model immediately managed to attract Indonesian consumers, receiving orders of up to 2,580 units in less than a month.